Here are some of my booths, the clients who bought them, and what they have to say about working in them. (click on image to enlarge)

I love my booth by Scott!  The entire process, from start to finish, was easy, professional and a terrific price for a great looking and sounding booth. Mari Weiss, Voice Artist and On-Camera Star

Scott built me a custom outdoor vocal booth in a 6' wide alley between two tall buildings so that I could practice music 24 hours a day without disturbing neighbors. With busy roads at the front and back, and one of the busiest airports nearby, it needed to be a bomb shelter, and in fact, I call it the "Music Bunker". The Bunker works beautifully, is very comfortable, and I'm absolutely thrilled with it. Thank you Scott.....You Rock! M. Stevens, Singer and Composer

Scott's booth has taken my professional life to the next level. The 10' x 6' room he designed and installed in my studio brings a clean sound that blocks out all external noise, and is an  impressive addition esthetically. He's a pleasure to work with, balancing great craftsmanship with artistry. Highly recommended, A++! William Richter, TV and Film Music Composer

I don't know what I'd do without my Scott'sVO Booth. I am seriously in love. It is not only soundproof (I live under a flight path!!) but it's swanky and sexy, to boot! #GameChanger #GetOne Rachel Fulginiti, Audiobook Narrator

I love my Scott Peterson booth!  The isolation is wonderful, and the delivered sound quality is amazing.  All of my producers tell me that it not only exceeds their noise-floor standards, they say the quality of the sound is among the best they receive.  Plus, I can run the ventilation system on low throughout the entire session, and turn it up to “max” to quickly recycle the air during a break.   Thanks, Scott!! Jane Jacobs, Earphone Award-winning audiobook narrator.

I love the VO Booth that Scott specifically built for me.  When I'm in my office space, I'm able to hear the ambient noise and sounds (including a music school down the hall, low chatter, etc).  When I step into the booth, all those noises vanish.  I'm very happy with the final product.  It's one less issue to worry about when I'm in the booth recording.  Thanks Scott! Vikas Adam, Audie Award Nominee

I LOVE my new booth by Scott.  It is built like a brick house and is excellent at keeping noise at bay.  Two thumbs UP. Hillary Huber, Earphone Award winner and Audie Award finalist

I am very happy that I decided to go with Scott for a single-walled 4x4 booth in my apartment.  It's well built, comfortable (love that it has a window) and cuts the noise factor down by 80%.  I can now record for hours at a time and not cringe every time a leaf blower starts up or a truck rumbles by. Thanks Scott!   Allyson Ryan, Audiobook Narrator

Scott installed my booth in January, since when I have recorded over 20 books... "Any award winners, yet?" "Give me time, Scott, give me time..." He's so impatient. Scott was back today to install the George Whittam inspired extra sound isolation patch on the door (you'll see it below) and an extra muffler on the air vent because I'm so damn perfectionist... Damn fine booth, Scott. Damn fine booth. Simon Vance, More Audies Than God

I'm sure I have the very best ISO booth in LA. I didn't even know this level of sound proofing was possible. I can run my ceiling fan, my a/c unit plus the booths ventilation system and it's totally silent in the booth. And it's cool inside and gorgeous outside. Vanessa Hart, Earphone Award winner, Audie Award finalist.

Scott Peterson has made my life so much easier. I spend a lot of time recording audio books and sometimes I work for 6 to 8 hours. It really helps to have state of the art equipment. Thanks to Scott I have exactly that. Nick Santa Maria, Audiobook Narrator

This booth completely fixed the ambient noise issues I was having, allowing me the ability to record on my own schedule, and my output now sounds professional. Julia Whelan, Audie and Earphone Award winner.

Hi Scott, Wanted you to know that a proofer who's been working with me says it's one of the most impressive noise floors he's heard in a home studio - he couldn't believe we were sending only raw audio! Thought you'd like to know.  Thanks for a GREAT booth! Erin Bennet, Audiobook Narrator

You just can't argue with Scott's results.  I used to have to scrap take after take because of countless daily noises.  Now I can just shut myself off in my nearly silent booth and focus on my performance. Thank you Scott for an amazing product! Greg Chun, Composer and Video Game VO artist

Scott Peterson's booth has been a wonderful transition for me from closet to a grown-up studio. Thank goodness a friend referred him. What a wonderful find!  He not only built to the specifications that I needed but also as quiet as I could have ever hoped for!  I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a professional recording booth.   Renee Raudman, Earphone Award winner and CEO, Too Little Time, Inc., an audio textbook production house.