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Three Levels Of Isolation

I build booths with three levels of isolation: Standard, Enhanced, and Double-Wall.

  • Standard construction is a single wall with an outer skin of half-inch MDF, framing stuffed with 3-1/2" Roxul Safe 'n' Sound acoustic insulation, and an inner skin of half-inch sound board and five-eighth inch drywall. 

  • Enhanced construction is Standard with the addition of a second layer of five-eighth inch drywall, with Green Glue between the two drywall layers. A damping panel for the door is aso included.

  • Double-Wall is exactly that. Each of the six panels that come together to make a booth are two entirely separate walls, attached at a few points and decoupled, so that each Double-Wall booth is a true self-contained room-within-a-room.

  • Standard is for quiet rooms with few strong transients. Enhanced is for rooms with noticeable traffic noise, airplane flyovers, and some in-house noise problems.

  • Double-Wall is for "war zones."  You might be trying to record in one even now.

  • The booths are carpeted inside and out.

  • The booths are readily broken down and can easily be transported to a new location.

What Do You Get?

First, here's what you don't get:

  • Interior acoustic treatment of any kind.

  • Any recording gear.

  • Any furniture, shelving, etc.

Now, here's what you do get:

  • A window. I build my windows using two panes of half-inch laminated glass, separated by an inch-and-a-half air gap, and decoupled from each other and from the window jamb. The same construction technique and materials that are used in professional recording studio booth windows.

  • An active ventilation system. The fan is controlled by an on-off switch inside the booth, so it's possible to turn the ventilation on at any time, keeping the air in the booth well-oxygenated.

  • A pass-through for mic cables, keyboard cables, monitor cables, etc.

  • A solid-core 1-3/4" thick entry door. Enhanced and Double-Wall booths include a damping panel. This is the only interior acoustic treatment provided.

  • Booth purchases in Los Angeles include delivery and setup at no charge.

Where can you buy them?

I am located in Los Angeles, and I deliver and install all over the country. Some conditions apply.

What do they cost?

The bog-standard 4' x 4' x 7' booth built to Standard specs is $3850.00. The same size booth built to Enhanced specs is $4850.00. A Double-Wall at 4-1/2' x 4-1/2' x 7' (the minimum size for this construction, as the walls are so thick that a smaller size would not have sufficient interior space to be comfortable) is $5850.00.

Because every booth is built to order, other sizes and configurations are quoted on an individual basis.

Feel free to compare with Whisper Room, Vocal Booth, and Studio Bricks. My price beats them all.

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